Critical Incident Management & Awareness Training (CIMAT)

Have you considered providing your employees with a security awareness talk?

Action Counters Terrorism” (ACT). It is only communities that can defeat terrorism, the security services can only do so much and they are stretched to the limit. Using your eyes, your employees eyes you or they will be the first to see something suspicious and report it to the counter terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321. Remember, in an emergency or if you need police assistance, dial 999 or 112

Let us help you raise awareness levels with our CIMAT Seminars , Security Awareness, Terrorist Attack, Hostage Awareness.

Attacks in France have been renewed, police here in the UK were attacked with a Katana (Samurai sword). It’s never going to stop, we need to realise this, but we can prevent attacks by being aware and alert to changing events or things that are not the norm.

Employees don’t need to be in a state of fear, they just need an enquiring mindset. If they see something, they should say something.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training

Like many, you may have spent budget and shored up your IT and Physical Security, you’ve probably pepped up your Business Resiliency and Continuity programs but have you prepped your Emergency Response Teams to deal with the critically injured in the aftermath?

Perhaps you are still relying on the emergency services to get there within a couple of minutes? Why do you wait and hope?

More die after the incident, people’s lives who could be saved in the vital 3 or 4 minutes after an incident involving critical injuries it will probably be 10-30 minutes before the EMS arrive)

Let us help your employees by training them to deal confidently and efficiently with catastrophic injuries, after all, they’ll be first on the scene if not there already. Time (just 1-5 minutes) costs lives.

We use live casualty simulations, real amputees with cinematic quality make up to make out scenarios so real, preparing people for what they will see.

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